iam not alone , my family is fairy tail

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One Piece at 17 || Day 4: Tears
“It’s okay to cry… but you have to move on!”

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UsaMamo dance + kiss

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we are fairy tail

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you’re not welcome here;

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 Happy Birthday Bianca-chan!  

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Boa Hancock (ボア・ハンコック)

She is one of the Shichibukai and captain of the Kuja Pirates. She is the Empress of the Amazon Tribe on the Isle of Woman. She detests the World Government, but wants to keep her Shichibukai title. Her immense beauty belies her cruel personality, as shown when she kicks a kitten in her way.
[September 2nd] Happy Birthday Hancock!!
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get to know me meme
- favorite male characters [5/5] Natsu Dragneel
Never look at your life as something insignificant. Never forget those friends of yours that you loved.”

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